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Carpet Cleaning

 If you are looking for a local carpet cleaning service in the Banbury area, you have come to the right place. Surface Clean Banbury is an owner operated business and a member of the NCCA


Regular vacuuming is the easiest way to remove loose dirt and dust from your carpets but inevitably soil will cling to the carpet fibres leaving your carpet dull and lifeless. We recommend cleaning your carpets at least once per year using our powerful hot water extraction machine. This will give the deepest clean possible leaving your carpet fresh and clean. 

Surface Clean Banbury will clean your carpets using pre-spray cleaners and hot water extraction thus getting deep down to the base of the carpet pile to remove unwanted soiling. This method of carpet cleaning will also powerfully rinses and conditions your carpet, leaving no sticky residue which would promote rapid re-soiling.

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If you've had a spillage or your pet has had an accident, we can carry out specialist stain removal using specialist cleaning chemicals to work on removing stains and odours, saving you the expense of replacing a carpet.

Before starting work we will carry out a survey to establish the type of carpet you have and the best cleaning method. This will then be discussed with you so you understand the process. Please contact us to arrange a no obligation survey at a time convenient for you

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Carpet cleaning, hot water extraction Surface Clean Banbury
before and after images of carpet cleaning
Kitchen carpet stains removed and colour restored
Kitchen carpet before and after cleaning
A basic guide to carpet stain removal
Carpet cleaning spot stain removal. Surface Clean Banbury
Nail varnish removal from a carpet

Flowtex carpet cleaning in a school corridor

Flotex Carpet cleaning Surfac Clean Banbury
Flotex Carpet Cleaning Surfae Clean Banbury
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