Gutter Cleaning

Gutter cleaning in Banbury and the surrounding areas using SkyVac™ Technology
Do your gutters need unblocking? Don't risk a fall! working from a ladder to clean a gutter is a thing of the past.
Surface Clean will clean your gutters in a safe way from ground level using the latest SkyVac™ high reach suction pole (click to view video). This work can be viewed and recorded using a camera mounted on the end of the pole, this ensures nothing is missed or left to chance.
If you neglect your gutters you could potentially end up having water overflow on to walls and windows causing damage to bricks and rotting wooden fascia boards. Leaves, moss and debris left in a gutter can eventually block downpipes and underground pipes which could amount to costly repairs. We are happy to carry out a free survey using the Sky Cam.
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Gutter cleaning using long reach vacuum


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A person cleaning a gutter
A monitor screen showing a gutter
Commercial gutter cleaning.jpeg

Commercial gutter clearing

Long reach gutter cleaning 40 feet reach
Reach up to 12 meters